The Lyric Writing Generator

In the video lesson above we look at 4 methods of priming the pump. These 4 methods are the following:

  • Start With A Title
  • Outlining with a Drafting Template
  • Word Listing
  • Lyrical Mind Mapping

Don't miss these resources! The lyric writing generator is all about sparking creativity. A generator, as everyone knows, is the energy source when the energy goes out.

The templates below are meant for you to start the outlining process of your song's big idea. List the big idea, then begin to build it in each section.

Remember: you're not writing lines yet, just thoughts and ideas about your big idea!
(Click on images to download the templates)

Song Title Template:

Simple Verse Template:

Simple Verse-Chorus Template:

Contrasting Verse-Chorus Template:


It’s time for you to sit down and start crafting some lyrics. Take some time to brainstorm some song titles with various “big ideas”, and then go through the process mentioned in the video. You can use the templates included under the video once you get closer to writing lines.

For bonus points (even though I’m not really grading you haha) share the experience with everyone in the discussion section below. If you get stuck, reach out and ask for help!